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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I join?

* A selection of scenes by feminist porn director Ms. Naughty featuring cunnilingus and real female orgasms plus directors commentary on the scenes
* A wider selection of high quality glamour porn videos featuring cunnilingus, created by other directors
* Huge archive of older videos
* Erotic photography
* Erotic fiction written by Ms. Naughty. focusing on cunnilingus
* Articles about cunnilingus
* Porn movie, site and book reviews
* A well curated sex positive site that focuses on female pleasure, without the sexism or racism of regular porn. Respect for you as a viewer and for the performers is evident throughout.

Who runs this site?

Pure Cunnilingus is run by Ms. Naughty, a feminist porn film director and webmistress. Ms. Naughty has been making and curating porn for women online since 2000. She has won several awards for her films including Feminist Porn Awards. She has a chapter about her work in The Feminist Porn Book, published 2013, and her erotic fiction has appeared in several anthologies, including Best Women’s Erotica 2009 and 2012. Pure Cunnilingus was one of her earliest major sites, established in 2003. Find out more in the About section.

Billing and Account Issues

Will I be charged for anything once I’ve subscribed?

No. Once you’ve paid for a membership there are no further costs incurred beyond the recurring monthly billing associated with a membership. Everything within the member’s area of Pure Cunnilingus is available to you after you join. There is a small amount of advertising content (featuring co-branded adult stores).

How often will my credit card be charged?

If you have signed up for a recurring membership, your credit card will be charged monthly until your cancel.

How do I cancel my membership?

Pure Cunnilingus’ billing is handled by a third-party credit card processor called CCBill. If you wish to cancel your membership or have any other issues, please click here. You can cancel at any time and the process is easy.

How often is the site updated?

I aim to feature at least one new video and gallery per month plus some written content when I can. I realise this is not as frequent as some major adult sites however Pure Cunnilingus is a one-woman operation so I need to be realistic about what I can offer members. I have tried to price the site accordingly. Please remember: your recurring subscription helps me to finance more films and pay models properly.

I forgot my password!

Visit the CCBill support page. Or else email us and we will get back to you ASAP with your details.

How do I obtain a refund?

Pure Cunnilingus does not offer refunds.

We have gone to a great deal of effort to ensure the tour pages accurately describe what you will find in the member’s area. Pure Cunnilingus is an ethical adult company that does not engage in any deceptive practices. We will not give you your money back because the site is not what you expected.

If you feel you have a legitimate technical issue, please email us msnaughty@msnaughty.com and we will look into your request.


Please note that trying to deny a valid charge through your bank or credit card company is fraudulent and is illegal.

If you subscribed to a recurring membership you authorized your credit card to be billed automatically when you indicated your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

If you try to dispute or deny a valid charge your credit card or checking account along with your name and address will immediately be added to a negative database. The negative database is shared by thousands of merchants on the internet, both large and small, and you will not be able to purchase goods or services from said merchants in the future.

We may also provide the following log data as evidence of your purchase:

1. The name of the site you paid to access
2. Your IP address when you signed up
3. The day and time of your signup
4. Access logs detailing when you accessed the site in question and what ISP you used to do so.
5. Examples of any files, images or any other information or material protected by copyright you downloaded from the site after gaining your username and password.

What video formats do you offer?

The site offers video in HTML5 which means that it will stream the video in either mp4 or Google’s WebM format, depending on your browser.

The main video format is mp4 (AVC H264) which is supported by most browsers and can be viewed on Windows PCs and Macs. My HD videos, medium quality videos and small mobile device videos are mp4. Bright Desire also offers webm files. These files are downloadable are you can keep them forever.

Because Pure Cunnilingus is an old site there’s also an archive of older videos, offered in Flash (flv) format. These videos may not work on all devices. I am in the process of transferring these old videos into mp4s. Because of their age, their size and quality is not as good.

Other Questions

Are your performers treated well?

My production company Indigo Lush aims to create ethical porn and this means ensuring that the performers are paid properly and given respect for their work. All performers involved in Pure Cunnilingus/Indigo Lush films are either professional sex workers or willing amateurs who were happy to participate in their respective scenes. We extensively brief our performers before their scenes about what is planned (if anything), how we shoot and give them opportunities to make suggestions and to negotiate. We also make sure that if there is any hesitation the scene doesn’t go ahead.

Most scenes are not scripted and the performers essentially have carte blanche to do whatever they wish and whatever gives them pleasure.

What about safe sex?

Indigo Lush takes safe sex seriously and believes that being safe can also be sexy. Performers are given a choice as to whether they wish to use barriers or not. If they choose not to use barriers, evidence of testing is required. If a couple are fluid-bonded or monogamous then they are free to not use barriers.

What’s with all the old porn?

Pure Cunnilingus has been online since 2002 and thus it offers a full archive of the porn I’ve added to it since then. You could see it as a kind of evolving document, a growing collection of pussy licking porn accumulated over more than a decade.

Why aren’t you answering my email immediately?

As I said before – Pure Cunnilingus is a one woman site. I don’t have a support or tech crew. It’s just me (and my husband, doing the housework). I’m also in Australia so time differences can get in the way. Rest assured, I will get back to you as soon as I can.