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Pure Cunnilingus is a site that celebrates cunnilingus – specifically men going down on women. This is an aspect of sex that is still ignored by mainstream porn; the majority of adult sites and videos consider “muff diving” to be a lesbian activity. Good clit licking doesn’t get much of a look-in, even in supposedly “couples friendly” films. Pure Cunnilingus aims to fill a gap and offer this difficult-to-find content.

This site is mainly aimed at straight women and speaks with a female voice and female point of view – but of course everyone is welcome!

Pure Cunnilingus has been online since January 2003 when it was the first adult site for women to concentrate solely on male-female cunnilingus. Creating it way back then was a labour of love – I plundered every single photo set I owned, looking to feature those images of cunnilingus.

It’s been revamped and expanded a number of times since then and it’s operated as an AVS (Adult Verification Service) site – a kind of group membership service, run by Netverifier. The most recent change was in 2010 when videos were added – the site had been focused primarily on photos before that. Those videos were in Flash (flv) format. I’ve kept them on the site, though they may not be visible on all devices.

Now, June 2015, it’s been revamped again to offer a much larger selection of higher-quality videos, including films by me, as well as updated erotic fiction and articles. It’s also operating as a proper paysite, rather than as part of an AVS.

This site is run by me, Ms Naughty. I’ve been an adult webmistress since 2000 and I’ve long been an advocate of better, female friendly porn. I jointly run For The Girls, which is a paysite for straight women that has been online since 2003. Since 2009 I’ve been making erotic films and Bright Desire, live since 2012, is now the home of all my movies. I’ve filmed over 45 individual scenes for BD and I’ve also made a feature film, The Fantasy Project. My films have screened at numerous film festivals around the world and I’ve won several awards for them. Recently I won Best BDSM Scene and Bright Desire was named Best Website at the Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto.

Pure Cunnilingus is my oldest site and it’s now my newest. I’ve re-edited some of my films to suit the theme and I’ve searched out a bunch of quality non-exclusive vids that offer hot muff diving. The old galleries are still there, of course, now labelled “retro”.


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