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Detail_of_Édouard-Henri_Avril_(23)Pure Cunnilingus is not just a porn site. It’s also a collection of interesting articles and reviews about cunnilingus. Inside you’ll find a fun and fascinating archive of facts and information, along with film and movie reviews, sex toy recommendations, trivia and bonus content.

Cunnilingus In Art
You won’t find it on the wall of the Louvre but we’ve got a nice collection of taboo erotic art from the last 300 years.

Celluloid Cunnilingus
We list the mainstream movies with cunnilingus scenes.

Great Cunnilingus Tips
Wanna know what the experts recommend?

” Next thing I knew he dived under the table…”
Real Stories of Oral Sex!

Gnash the Gash?
Slang terms, foreign obscenities and old fashioned words. Anyone for Gamahuche?

Amazing Cunnilingus Facts!
Which US state only recently changed its laws and made oral sex legal?
Which minty product did Monica Lewinsky recommend to Bill Clinton as an aid to oral sex?
Which Chinese Empress demanded that diplomats lick her clit on arrival in the throne room?

“I think men are selfish and preoccupied”
Hustler’s Larry Flynt talks cunnilingus.
Plus! Find out which celebrity thinks oral sex is not on (and why we give him the big raspberry!)

Shakespeare’s Tongue
Oral sex in poetry…

Cunnilingus in a Shot Glass!
1 Nip Peach Schnapps…

Oral Sex Jokes
What’s the definition of a great lover?

“I’m going down, going down on a monkey…”
Misheard song lyrics, plus a comprehensive list of songs about oral sex!

Reviews, cunnilingus books, sex guides, oral sex toys and more…

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